What do six friendships, three couples, and one combined passion for craft beer equal? It equals the shared partnerships that make up the Torched Brewing Company dream team.

As we embarked on this business venture together, it hasn’t taken us long to appreciate it takes 100% of our teams’ effort and determination to make our brewery in Grand Bend a success.

Our journey started with the renovation of our building – this old building had been transformed into several different businesses over the decades.  As we transformed it (once again), we thought the best plan of attack was to continue working with it, and not against it, bringing Torched Brewing Company to life.

We honestly started to question whether our brewery was ever going to get off the ground. Contending with the uniqueness of our structure, a worldwide pandemic and a new name launch, the excitement never ends. As the saying goes, if we didn’t have bad luck, we wouldn’t have any luck at all. It is our teams’ perseverance, hard work, sense of humour, and our “one-day-at-a-time” attitude that pulls us through. One thing we have going for us is that we all have the same vision for a welcoming, modern rustic atmosphere. That is what we set out to create for you when we officially opened the doors of Torched Brewing Company in July 2021.

We are proud to recognize that it takes the combined diversity of knowledge, experiences and expertise from all our partners, contributing to every aspect of the Torched Brewing Company business. From the beginning of our craft brewery dream, from concept to planning… to the design and construction of our building… to mastering our desired beer flavour profiles for optimum customer satisfaction… and so much more. Our diverse backgrounds and personalities bring so many strengths to the table.

Our team is eager to serve you with the finest craft beer products. We promise to infuse our creativity and passion into everything we do, so we can bring everyone together to share and enjoy the experience.


The Torched Brewing team are a group of craft beer enthusiasts who are committed to share their passion, deliver quality craft beer and create unique infusions that tap into all of your senses.

Jason and Michelle have been married for over 20 years and are no strangers to Grand Bend. After being cottage owners for several years, they are now permanent residents and call Grand Bend their home. They appreciate the area’s natural beauty and enjoy walking their dog, Karl on the trails and beaches. Jason and Michelle love when customers come in and share their stories and Bend memories over a pint. They feel there is always something more to learn by listening to people and Torched Brewing Company allows them a perfect opportunity and venue for just that.

Jason’s go to beer: IPA – It has lots of hop flavour, great aroma and sometimes has a bit of bitterness, but truly, enjoy any cold beer.

Michelle’s favourite: Oatmeal Stout – It is smooth & velvety, love the mild roasted grain aroma, the complexity of oats, and the coffee-like flavour.

Mark and Laura have been married for over 30 years and have made Grand Bend their home for the last 10 years. They have more in common than the love of family and craft beer, and that is they both agree that one of their most favourite things are Grand Bend’s incredible sunsets. Mark and Laura feel they were destined to be part of the hospitality industry and are proud to be fourth generation business owners of the Blue Water Motel in the Bend. Torched Brewing Company allows them to share their combined passion for craft beer, with their hospitality flair.

Mark’s go to beer: Irish red ale – I love the caramel flavour that gives the beer its colour, and slight nutty flavour. An Irish Red to me is a hearty type beer and my go to, as it reminds me of being in the outdoors, which I love.

Laura’s favourite: Cream Ale – My favourite is our very own Crooked Waters! It is an easy drinking beer! I am looking forward to a new Torched Brewing Company sour beer in the future.

Grand Bend is Nick and Kaitlyn’s home away from home, not including the brewery, which is their second home. They have been cottage owners for several years and couldn’t be more stoked to be contributing to such a vibrant community. They love every vibe of Grand Bend and they bring their youthful entrepreneurial spirit to Torched Brewing Company.

Nick’s go to beer: Any beer – as long as it’s cold.

Kaitlyn’s favourite: I can’t seem to narrow it down to one – I like IPA, Stout, Wheat and Belgium Styles.

What’s in a name?