Brewster’s Mill Brewing Company Releases New Name and Logo

New branding at one of Grand Bend’s local hot spots.

Announcing on November 8, 2022, Brewster’s Mill Brewing Company is renamed to Torched Brewing Company. With this name comes a solid foundation that has been built, the same great team and experience our patrons have come to expect. Torched Brewing Company is proud to continue serving satisfying beer and share in great times with the community and visitors of Grand Bend.

Changing the name to Torched Brewing Company will create less confusion in the marketplace with a more unique, yet still historically significant identity.

“The foundation we have built for Torched Brewing Company is solid and we will continue to build on those successes into the future. The successes we have seen since our launch are in large part thanks to the strong community support we have received”, say the Owners of Torched Brewing.

At Torched Brewing Company, the commitment to our customers and community remains the same.

The name Torched Brewing Company represents the history of the original Brewster’s Mill, a sawmill built in the early 1800’s, being torched many years ago and signifies the Brewster’s Mill Brewing Company’s name being ‘torched’ and reinvented.

Torched Brewing Company, previously Brewster’s Mill Brewing Company, is Grand Bend’s first and only local craft brewery. The Torched team is a group of craft beer enthusiasts who are committed to share their passion, deliver quality craft beer and create unique infusions that tap into all of their customer’s senses. The company values the community and its citizens and strives to source local ingredients as often as possible and give back through various philanthropic initiatives.

Hank Janssens

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